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JSD Distributors was established to provide products which are aimed to rejuvinate human body and soul in contemporary tiresome lifestyle. We are authorized Distributor of two such awesome products which are unique in their benefits and set to become most growing beverage for regular consumption.

  • KOFY :  KOFY is a freeze-dried instant coffee.The coffee is sourced from the  best plantations in South India which is famous for its coffee  worldwide. KOFY is combination of Arabica and Robusta beans blended in  very specific proportions and made through freeze-dried process to  develop a unique taste and aroma. It comes in one of the most stylish packing you can ever find with unique magnetic base which sticks on Fridge. Its compact pack is easy to carry everywhere like in your office and cotton paper packing easily makes it best option to gift someone.
  • Sukrit Herbal Tea: Sukrit Pey is a unique concoction of 23 delicate herbs - a pure delicacy with its myriad of flavours, colors and aromas. While respecting the integrity of these herbs, multiple methods has been used to process them to attain the rich taste and aroma.It works to sharpen your brain, fight wiyh fatigue, reduce your stress, boost your heart function, regulate your digestion, improve your immunity and arms the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. This inner cleansing can make you toxin free and stress free. Sip the serenity, still the mind.

Sukrit Herbal Tea

  • We are only Distributor for Sukrit Herbal Tea in Delhi/NCR


  • We are National Distributor for KOFY in India


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